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Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. However, the ones around our home can be dangerous if they fall, or if they are not maintained. If you live in the northern Virginia area, American Tree & Landscaping LLC can keep you and your loved ones safe by removing trees or trimming them. We have years of experience and the proper equipment in order to keep you and your loved ones away from any hazards, and prevent damage to your home.

First of all, some of the popular tree services we provide are:

  • Dead tree removal
  • Storm cleanup
  • Tree felling
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Removal of tree stumps

In addition to maintaining your trees, we also do other tree services, such as landscaping services, tree planting, tree inspection and tree relocation. Our experience includes tree removal of all types of trees, such as pine trees and mature oaks.

Moreover, there are several reasons that you should call a professional for tree maintenance. For example, if you begin too high in the tree when pruning, it could lead to large limbs falling, while taking small branches with them. If this happens, it could create problems not only for your property, but for the surrounding areas as well. We also have the necessary equipment to do the job correctly. We have heavy-duty machines that are made to grind up old stumps down to the roots. If you need to get rid of tree stumps, we recommend hiring a professional who is experienced in using this machine.

Furthermore, it is also good for the trees in your area to be maintained, so they stay healthy and live long. You can do this by spraying, pruning and managing the soil. That is why it is recommended to have a tree maintenance program in order to spot any potential issues. Therefore, it is integral for you and your trees’ health and safety to contact a professional with the skills and equipment to care for your trees. All you have to do is type in tree service near me, Woodbridge VA to find a location near you, and contact us for all your tree needs.

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